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Economic Horizons
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Barker, Texas 77413
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Economic Horizons, Inc. is Houston's first financial planning firm developed specifically to assist Family Law attorneys in the Houston area.  The firm has expanded in the past 18 years to include the preparation of Qualified Relations Orders as well as Value Defined Pension Plans. Careful reviews and evaluations of assets,  including the division of community assets and its impact on one or both parties before and after taxes, are performed. 

Additionally, Economic Horizons, Inc. assists personal injury attorneys (both plaintiff, defense and ad litems), with the proper use of structured settlements as well as  Special Needs Trusts, targeting critically injured parties.  Economic Horizons, Inc. is contracted with all  major structured settlement annuity companies.  Priority attention and determination is always made to insure the best value for the future needs of the claimant, while remaining in strict compliance with Texas Property Code Sec. 143.009.


hagen2Mr. Hagen is President of ECONOMIC HORIZONS, INC. He formed the company in 1991 to assist Family Law Attorneys in financial issues. Today, ECONOMIC HORIZONS, INC. has expanded to include assisting attorneys in providing structured settlements in personal injury matters, preparation of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, and the valuation of Qualified Retirement Plans. Initial stages of Financial Planning to “lost” or overwhelmed divorcees is standard.

Mr. Hagen completed mediation courses with CDR Family Law Mediation in Boulder, Colorado, AA White Advanced Family Law at South Texas School of Law and Served as past president of the Greater Houston Mediation Network


Since 1993, Mr. Rader has been practicing Family Law, Real Estate, Bankruptcy, and Qualified Domestic Relations Orders. In over 25 years with Exxon/Friendswood Development Company he has been a Manager of the Asset Management Department, a Marketing Manager for Commercial Properties, also a Sales Manager for Commercial and Residential Properties.


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